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He says is walking across America for Jesus 2 July 4, 2020
What does the Book of Revelation say about Covid 19? 3 June 30, 2020
Trump signs executive order to strengthen foster care, bolster faith-based partnerships 2 June 26, 2020
Coronavirus has brought US 'to its knees', says CDC director 2 June 25, 2020
Father's Day: 4 parenting tips from the best Father of them all - God 2 June 22, 2020
Blind woman banned from park for 2 years for sharing Jesus 5 June 21, 2020
Historic St. John's Church near White House torched by rioters 9 June 12, 2020
'Born Again by the Power of Jesus': Dozens of People Saved, Healed at Intersection Where Floyd Was Killed 4 June 12, 2020
Terrence Floyd pleads for riots to stop: ‘My family is a peaceful family, my family is God-fearing’ 10 June 12, 2020
A teen who spent 10 hours cleaning up after a protest is rewarded with a car and a college scholarship 7 June 10, 2020
Prayer movement grows after white Christians kneel in repentance before black Christians for racism 4 June 10, 2020
The police officers knelt and asked for forgiveness 18 June 10, 2020
Do the Boston Tea Party and Jesus’ cleansing of the temple justify violence? 5 June 8, 2020
Amazon delivery driver pauses during a busy day to pray for baby with a heart condition 4 June 5, 2020
Trump signs order allocating $50M for international religious freedom programs 6 June 4, 2020
China shut down 48 churches after lifting lockdown 7 June 4, 2020
Coronavirus: 'Miracle' mother cheats death after 77 days in ICU, testifies 'Power of God through prayers' 5 May 28, 2020
Coronavirus hurting mental health of Americans but religious support may help, studies show 5 May 21, 2020
Trump says Christian faith 'treated very unfairly' during COVID-19 pandemic 10 May 21, 2020
Church Without Walls: A Dozen VA Churches Find Unique Way to Declare 'He Is Risen' This Easter 3 April 28, 2020
The Cross Is Being Removed From in China 6 April 28, 2020
Hydroxychloroquine, Recovers from COVID-19 at 80-Years-Old 6 April 28, 2020
Citizens Want “In God We Trust” Removed From The Police Cars, But The Sheriff Refuses 7 April 27, 2020
UN food agency chief: World could see famines of "biblical proportions" within months 6 April 26, 2020
Planned Parenthood was paid nearly $25,000 for aborted baby body parts, unsealed documents show 5 April 26, 2020
Christian group calls on churches to resume in-person services on May 3 6 April 26, 2020
Nearly half of Americans believe the Bible should influence US laws 3 April 15, 2020
Trump urges Americans to 'focus on prayer, grow in personal relationship with God' in Easter message 3 April 12, 2020
Priscilla Shirer: Churches can no longer 'manufacture' fire of God, they must rely on the Holy Spirit 1 April 11, 2020
Strong majority of pastors see current events as 'birth pains' of Christ's return: survey 1 April 9, 2020