A baby girl worshiping Jesus 👶

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A baby girl worshiping Jesus :baby:

How beautiful it is seeing this baby girl worshipping Jesus… Hallelujah :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :baby:

a baby

I’ve seen this in facebook! She’s so cuuute. I honor her parents for teaching her to worship God at such a young age. Not everyone can do it. Kids these days are fond of using gadgets than singing worship songs. They can’t take being away from their phones for too long. Praise God for this beautiful girl. She is such an inspiration, not only for kids but for grown ups too!

I see a very bright future ahead of her. I see her change people’s lives. I see hope.
I see the Lord God very happy and proud. It is very beautiful seeing children even at a very young age, praise God. Recognizing and accepting the Lord God at a very young age will have a very big impact on how she will live her life because what a child does as she is growing and learning plays a major role in her character.

This one is so cute! I remember my daughter once we attend a mass in a Baptist church…the Pastor let us bow our head for the final blessing…my daughter close her eyes and suddenly shouted AMEN even if the prayer was not yet finish haha! I am glad at the age of 2yrs.old she can recite her own prayer before sleep…God bless you little one, and to the proud parents…:blush:

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