2 Grandmas Sing Hilarious 'Coronavirus Blues'

Wash your hands and Flatten that curve!

"Left my home about a quarter to four
Looking for toilet paper and their ain’t no more.
I’ve got the Coronavirus blues.
Yeah, the Coronavirus blues.

Oh, Lord, please help us…"

“Corona Virus Blues” Copyright © lyrics and sound. Pam Pilkinton Anderson and Pat Pilkinton Norris 2020. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying of this recording is prohibited.

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This video brings good vibes amidst this pandemic. Kudos to you Grandma’s…Have some more video please so I could show it to my 80 year old boss too…God bless!

This is sooo cute!! Let us show to the devil that he cannot bring us down! We are strong people! We have the Lord God with us! Good vibes despite the pandemic! God bless you grannies!