93% family gets saved if the husband is saved first

This is so true I can attest

Yonga Qina

Hummmmm interesting

Jimmy Gonzalez

True datNo1 else in dis Planet or the Government’s Love His Family More Then His own Family’s The Captain of the da Titanic changed everything’s when he said saved the Women and children first b4 it starts sinking Gudday Fellas

Unga Kilifi

Paola Dean

Richard Dean

True,it results family dinner fellowships,and strengthens the relationship between those brethrens and with God

Grace Promise Githuka

I have seen 5 year Olds understand the importance of God and Jesus Christ they call out to their superheroes. They are so sweet yet the father could curse his children to a third fourth generation because of his disbelief. Yet the children will get louder and louder calling out to their God "let all man be liers and God bless you the truth! So forget everything and know that he is God and I am his son Christ but labels of man. So be still and know he is God. I am his servant and messenger of God. Big brother to all!

Whichello Frank Aaron

Men need to start taking their rightful authority of leading the home in a godly manner. It’s hard for the wife to be saved and her husband is the still in the world.

Yolin Kylah Davids

I’m the only Christian in my family and friends. I hope the rest of my family get converted. Only God has the power to do that.

Tate Priddy