A belief in something they can't see or their senses adequately explain

Food for Thought: Faith

How do you explain faith to someone who doesn’t understand it or doesn’t believe in it?

I often run across people who claim they don’t have or can’t understand what faith is. I usually get these conversations in the daytime, as at night I am inside with family.

I simply ask the person to look up into the sky and tell what they see. They say sun, unless raining, blue sky, some clouds, that sort of thing. I then point out that they don’t see any stars? Of course not, they respond, it is daytime.

That is when I get them. None of their five senses tells them that the stars are there, yet they believe they are because they see them at night. They can explain why they can’t see them, but they cannot positively prove they are really there, because our senses don’t reveal them.

Then I tell them, that is what faith is all about. A belief in something they can’t see or their senses adequately explain. They do have faith, just not in what I am talking about, but sometimes, not all, it gives them Food for Thought, and a seed has been planted.

God Bless you all and may his grace continue to shine upon you.

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Hello there, dear @FaithinGod
Thanks for sharing this reflection by mister Allen Scott, it’s a great metaphor and really, the most literal expression of food for thought. I would like to add to the line of thinking proposed by him, with “believe to see”, this is what faith is all about. History has proved this many times, anyone can say and believe anything if they see it directly, but by believing you will see the real truth behind all. And even then, even if those people call themselves atheist, they constantly have faith, when they hope for something or want something to happen they pray on their insides, even if they deny it. They just need to realice that they are speaking with God, and start believing to be able to see him.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Indeed, faith is very strong. To believe in something you cannot see is something different, because we have not had any personal encounters with it. He have not seen God face to face, or at least most of us, yet we believe in Him. We live in a world where everybody works or studies hard to prove something (experimentally). One thing that makes people believe in what you are saying is to have proof or evidence. But with the Lord God, you just choose to believe in Him, that’s entirely different and beautiful at the same time.