A Christian is what he lives, not what he preaches

A Christian is what he lives, not what he preaches.

Janice Lengoyna


Linda McMurtrey Glover

It is both

Brian Hank Becker


Alexander Castro

By their fruit, you will know them.

Brian Tappen

It should be both tbh

Jon T Nguyen

You can’t tell the church to go slap baby ducks and kick kittens off cliffs and do everything by the book and say you winning fam.

Jon T Nguyen

Christian is a verb more than a noun. An action verb. We are called by God into action!! A Forest Gump thought “A Christian is what a Christian does!” Our hearts are activated by God’s Word and His Spirit to be believers. As the greek for believe references, be believing - in a continual state of believing in God.

Al Videc