A Church doesn't have a pastor, it's normal?

A Church doesn't have a pastor, it's normal?

Pray for this church. Also, I think we can’t judge it normal or unnormal. I believe in God 8 years ago, in a small church near my university. There were some students in this church, also don’t have the pastor.

But my life really changed in this small church. My bible teacher is a senior student at my school. He taught me bible very well. I think in a church if there is the word of God, it will change people’s lives, this is the most important thing. I do not deny pastor is important. Good pastor is very important for church.

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My younger brother went to a Church, but that Church doesn’t have a Pastor. I was amazed when I heard this. It’s a normal? I felt it’s dangerous, and told him not to join that church now.

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I think the church is in a special situation. Please pray earnestly to God. I believe that God will send a good pastor according to your prayers. I will pray together for that church. Amen

I think need to pray for Church, In my mother’s church before is also don’t have Pastor.Because this is the lack of the church, we need more pray to have many Pastor can built to service the Church.