A Silent Update to Michelle Lesley's Blog

In April of 2020, Michelle Lesley posted a review of Season One of The Chosen from her blog. This review was also referenced by Melissa Dougherty in her interview with Dallas as Michelle raised some critical points in her post. You can find her 2020 blog post here:

There was a recent update by Michelle to her post with the following statement:

“The overview and review below were written in April of 2020, immediately after the premier of season 1 of The Chosen. At that time, very little about Dallas Jenkins’ problematic theology and other unbiblical issues with The Chosen were publicly known. This article is honest and faithful to what I knew at the time. Additionally, it covers only season 1. The biblical issues in season 2 of the show grew progressively worse and worse (listen to our 3-part podcast series that includes season 2), and more information came to light about off-screen biblical issues with Dallas Jenkins, actors, producers, etc. Because of the many unbiblical things that have transpired concerning The Chosen since its initial release, I now strongly recommend against
watching The Chosen.”

I’m gratefully that Mrs. Lesley has now decided to amend her review to warn against this show. However, this comes over three years too late and with the following to be considered. Mrs. Lesley claims her review was honest and faithful to what she knew at the time. While I don’t doubt her, she also pointed out the glaring liberties taken in Season 1 that was in stark contrast to the Gospel, which included but not limited to Matthew being on the spectrum, invented lores of Mary, and the “sermon prep” of Jesus just to name a few.

Mrs. Lesley was well aware of just how far over the line the show crossed even then, yet she still encouraged Christians to watch it. This was also true on her follow up blog post review of Season 2 where once again she expressed issues there and was still was ok with Christians watching it. It would have been nice if she was more vocal about her placing this amendment now that it is in her best interests to do so after G3 Ministries came out recently strongly warning against the show.

Quitely placing this amendment doesn’t erase the three years of damage from misleading your followers who trusted your judgement on this matter and are most likely unaware that you changed your position.