[ABORTION] Reasons for Abortion

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[ABORTION] Reasons for Abortion

  1. Georgia bans abortion after heartbeat is detected, recognizes fetus as natural person - The Christian Post

  2. Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2018, Killing 42 Million People | LifeNews.com

With the news of abortion coming up on the newspapers everyday, I feel the need the importance and the need for Christians to explore this issue and be ready to help or offer answer for anyone that is confused, helpless or maybe stuck or hold incorrect opinions about this issue.

You may post any information that might be of help for the community in understanding the issue of abortion better

I am trying to think about what are the possible reasons for abortion. I am sure that women who go through abortion goes through a lot of emotional struggles in heart.

I was trying to find out what are some of the reasons why women abort? The opinion of the majority is that women abort the baby because they do not what the world to know about their secret sexual relationship or due to unintended pregnancy.

But in a research conducted by three people group from the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, University of California, San Francisco, Oakland, California, USA, the results are interesting. The survey didnot have closed byt open ended questions.

  1. Not financially prepared: 40 percent
  2. Bad timing, not ready, or unplanned: 36 percent
  3. Partner-related reasons (including the relationship is bad or new, she doesn’t want to be a single mother, her partner is not supportive, does not want the baby, is abusive, or is the wrong guy): 31 percent
  4. Need to focus on her other children: 29 percent
  5. Not emotionally or mentally prepared: 19 percent
  6. Interferes with educational or vocational plans: 20 percent
  7. Health-related reasons (includes concern for her own health, the health of the fetus, use of prescription or non-prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco): 12 percent
  8. Want a better life for a baby than she could provide: 12 percent
  9. Not independent or mature enough for a baby: 7 percent
  10. Influences from family or friends: 5 percent
  11. Doesn’t want a baby or to place the baby for adoption: 4 percent

A survey in 2004 gave different results

Having a baby would dramatically change my life
I have completed my childbearing
Don’t want people to know I had sex or got pregnant

It is also interesting to point out that most women cite two to four reasons for abortion, not just one. In general, younger women often cite that they are unprepared for the transition to motherhood, and older women consistently indicate that they are already responsible for children and/or are past the childbearing stage in their lives.

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What do you think are some of the reasons for Abortion? Do you have any answers supported by scriptures or preachers to offer for any of those problems? You may post your personal opinions as well.

To think: What does the reasons for abortion makes you think about sexuality in today’s world? Do you think today’s world has desacralized sexual relaitonships? What effects does this have in today’s culture as a whole?

Personal experience:

Bottom line: Permission from health care providers was the “reason” … I just had my own fear-filled reasons. [I was saved at age 55, so I lived all my years of bearing children as a worldly person, asking worldly people, for worldly advice.] I was afraid I could not raise more children as I could not even raise the one I had. However, that does not excuse the first abortion I had, and I knew, in my heart, it was murder. It does not excuse the other abortions I had, nor the searing of my conscience. It became less difficult to do with each one, but it was never easy.

Second Bottom Line: A woman who has had an abortion (speaking for myself and many other women I’ve talked to in my situation) has no one she can go to and say “I wish I had not done that.” or “I regret it”. The reason for this is it’s totally “uncool” and the world that convinces pregnant women that it’s not really a “baby” it’s just “a blob of tissue” use their authority and their expertise and license to impress upon these desperate and scared women that the world knows best. But they offer nothing in the way of compassion or follow up afterward. This is heartless.

If you are a woman (or a man who has gone through this with a woman) I would encourage any of you to talk about this in appropriate places: such as this site, or other Christian pro-life areas of your life. It helps to know what we battle against. This is our enemy: those who are blind and fallen (and they are really blind and really believe they are not murdering…so pray for them with compassion for their blindness - i.e. pray for them with love) who are puffed up in their supposed knowledge but make us out to be fools and we pay the price on our souls.

There is a light of hope I’d like to throw out there: though I can do nothing about the multiple abortions I had now, except of course the deep repentance I’ve gone through with our Lord, who I sinned against in this way, I found a place I can actually make a difference. It’s called PreBorn and they offer sonograms free to pregnant women who are considering abortion. Their average success rate is 80% of the women who get these sonograms change their mind and keep their unborn babies. EIGHTY PERCENT.

One sonogram costs US $28.00. preborn.org <== to see about PreBorn. You can make up your mind after you get there and see what they say about what they do.

I am on a fixed income, and I know many people work hard and struggle to make ends meet. If you don’t have the money, just pass on the word to others. And of course, everyone can pray. I waited until I got a once a year refund and used part of that. Again, for me, I can not ever make up for what I did, but it felt good to eventually be able to offer as many sonograms as abortions I had. Actually, I went one over, since the success rate is 80% in hopes that I could change the mind of 4 women so that 4 lives might be saved. They do not make up for the abortions I had, but doing it made me feel like I was at least doing an about face consistent with obeying God rather than murdering the children He gave me.

Feel free to share this post with individuals who might get something out of it: wisdom for the future (be careful on age, not too young, please) or comfort for the past.

P.S. Sharing a site that is more geared for sharing that abortion is wrong, encouraging adoption and other options, and taking part in trying to rid our country of this bloodshed here: http://stopthebloodshed.org

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Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with us @Sunami_Carpenter. Though I have not personally known any one who went through this, I am able to see how much this means to you and your heart of wanting to help people who go through abortion. It is indeed great to know that you have sought forgiveness from the Lord. May this testimony and information be helpful to many. God bless!

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If a woman can’t bear having a child. It just means that she is not complete as a person. She may run away to the responsibility it brings because she feels unwanted and incomplete. Her calling is not clear.

But whatever reason she has, the good thing if she had done it is that God has an endless river of mercy. His mercy is endless. She have to humble down herself before God. Acknowledge that she is a sinner. At that point, God will eventually step in and forgive her.

It must be true to her heart and soul. I pray that every woman who experienced this tragedy find a light in God. It is not yet too late.


My ex wife said they threatened to take her one kid she had away from her unless she aborted the second pregnancy. She had it and it haunted her until she finally decided to meet God and now knows she was forgiven! We also had two more children after this who we have raised anti-abortion and proud of it. It is just so wrong to murder inocent babies!

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Thank you for sharing your experience here @zaney1! Deeply saddened to hear what happened to your wife. Glad to know she met God and received forgiveness and peace. We pray and hope God will open a way and open the eyes of the blind to see how wrong it is to kill our own offsprings.

And glad to meet you here. I am Moses btw !

Sorry to know what you have gone through. I have some friends too who have gone through abortion experiences. They were so desperate to abort but later they were living in guilt regretting for what they have done. Wisdom is greatly needed for today’s women.

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Heart wrecking to hear this. Were there no one to protect your ex wife from this tragedy? Great to know you had more children. But yes abortion is murder. Thanks for sharing.