About How God is 3 persons in one God

I am having a discussion with my son, about How God is 3 persons in one God. He thinks Jesus. (The son) is a separate God, that is lesser than The Father God, and the Holy Spirit is just the “essence” of God. Can anyone give me a good analogy to explain how God is 3 person IN ONE God. They are all fully GOD, yet all have their own separate purpose/office. But is yet all part of ONE God, and though Jesus says The Father is greater than HE is, He is STILL FULLY GOD, and FULLY Human, and still FULLY one part of a SINGLE God that has three parts? I have tried with a few analogies. He STILL says I am wrong because Jesus says in the Bible, The Father is Greater. And that He, (Jesus) does not know what The Father thinks about things, like the day He, (Jesus), will return. My son thinks if Jesus was really one in the same God, as the Father, then He would know the day and the hour of His return. Please back up all you can with actual scripture and address of the scripture you use?


I used a raw egg to explain it to my children when they were young and to a Sunday school class. The shell is Jesus. He walked on Earth as a man. He could be felt and seen when he was on Earth. The “clear” parts are the Holy Spirit. You can’t see it un… See More

Nicole Hunt

Kings James Version says it best tell him Jesus is Gods actual words so no Jesus then no Father because how do you know the Father if you don’t know his words Amen1 John 5:7King James Version… See More

Street Preacher

This is a profound theological debate with no easy explanation praying for you and your son

Louis Greenwald

God the Father is the SOUL of GodGod the Son is the body… See More

Chilley Buss

I cant explain this…I believe in the Holy Trinity…Father.Son& Holy Spirit are 3 as one… I Don t understand this & I am 72 years old…We just must trust & believe

Edna McBee

You giving your son evil teachings

Sharon Shilwane

Its much like a man who is a Husband, Father and Grandfather. Same person with different titles and different responsibilities

Richard McIntyre