Alcohol addiction for 11 years. How to overcome it?

Alcohol addiction for 11 years. How to overcome it?

Many times I made up my mind to quit, but I failed. Any advice?
Could anyone share your experience to overcome the addiction, gambling, sex, drug, smoking, alcohol, game…anything is OK.

I don’t have such experiences. But I searched the Bible and some online resource, here is my advice.

1,What the Bible Says About Alcohol and Alcoholism |
2,Christians Healed From Alcohol Addiction
3,Overcoming Alcohol Addiction: How to Stop Drinking and Start Recovery
4,God's Cure for Alcoholism -,

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You advises are very practical.
I got a lot source from it.

Look to God for His help. James assures us: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”

thanks very much.

I think it is important to meet a doctor or an alcoholic specialist to get counseling and treatment. And please pray a lot. If you go to church, share it with the pastor or other Christians and hope to pray together. Prayer has power. Pray that your child will be well treated and become a new person and come to God. Encourage your child to overcome alcoholism.