Am I getting better?

I was listening to the song “Look what you’ve done” on the radio on the way to work…the words say…

Look what you’ve done Look what you’ve done in me

You spoke your truth into the lies I let my heart believe
Look at me now
Look how you made me new
Oh, the enemy did everything that he could do
Oh, but look what you’ve done

It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks how far I’d come. It made me see so truly how God is in the business of making us better.

I quit drinking a little over 2 years ago. I used to know the exact number of days and before that I counted hours and before that minutes. I don’t know how many days it’s been now. Look what you’ve done! I hear those words from the song in my heart. I would have never believed I would say that this side of heaven, that I would not know the days. But He heals all the wounds up. We have to suffer for this good and in that suffering He heals us.

In that song it talks about God healing all my wounds up….breaking ground, tearing out the roots. Speaking truth to lies I chose to believe. It’s not fun, it’s not comfortable. But look at me now, look how He makes us new!

We are called to have dominion over this body we own. We are to submit it to the Lord and will it to do His will. He provides the strength, the direction the hope and all the ways out of temptation that you will ever need. We just have to be obey and be willing to suffer for it. Willing to be uncomfortable willing to trust that no matter what He is in control and He is for my good. This corrupt body we dwell in does not submit easily. And it can feel unbearable sometimes constantly putting it in its place. And its place is kneeling before God, not kneeling before self. He makes us new. So I must continue to ask myself am I getting better? And if the answer is not clear then I need to seek Him harder to see what part of me is not in compliance, what part of me is resistant, because when we submit to the Lord we get better….always. Hallelujah!

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