Am I wrong in any way? How could I best answer him?

I need help answering a question. If a young woman of eighteen were to be raped and murdered without ever accepting Jesus I say she is going to hell. If her killer were to accept Jesus they would enter heaven with the rest of us. A friend of mine calls that immoral, but it is what I believe the Bible says. Am I wrong in any way? How could I best answer him?

Mark Peterson

God is a God that is just. God looks at your whole life to see if the signs you did to ignore God or seek him. And God is just to send someone to preach the gospel or signs of church but some might give the wrong representation of the true God and true… See more

Haddan Elliott

Why don’t you also pray for the young woman. She too deserves compassion

Leena Lovesgoth

Depends on her life, how she lived, she might’ve not accept Christ, but maybe last minute she did, something we will find out, just like thief asked Jesus to remember him when He comes into kingdom, and killers or rapist, if they repent they will be saved.

Mike Adamyuk

Salvation IS about a choice. It doesn’t matter how we die. If we leave this world without having accepted the free gift of Salvation by Grace through Faith, we will spend an eternity separate from God. Jesus died once for all. Anyone can at anytime in… See more

Jeff Eardley