Amazing Collection How American Show Support, Pray for Hospital Workers and Patients

Amazing Collection How American Show Support, Pray for Hospital Workers and Patients

A Community Night of Worship/Prayer for hospital staff, nurses, doctors, and patients at Northeast GA Medical Center - Braselton


Hundreds of cars parked in hospital parking lots in Mobile, Ala, to show support, pray for hospital workers and patients. “Light it Up Mobile,” asked drivers flashed their headlights and prayed together for protection, resources and healing.

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Community comes together in hospital parking lot to Worship&Pray for Medical Staff


On Thursday April 4 2020 a large group of supporters arrived at Mission Viejo Mall Parking lot to have a prayer and worship service for all the patients and medical staff at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo California. A continued thank you to all first responders and medical staff during the hectic times.


Goosebumps again… Not even a Covid19 can stop us from praising God and praying for our frontliners. It made me cry everytime I play the videos. Let us continue to pray for everyones safety.

Park and Pray: Supporters thank Alabama hospital workers

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Park and Pray | East Alabama Medical Center

There is no Reasons to stop Praising God this Time. its so Amazing seeing this people worshipping God even there is crisis Pandemic covid 19 I pray to God to stop this Covid 19 to spread in all country I know God is listening to all our prayers.

Amazing how even such a deadly virus can lead us closer to the Lord God. God is more powerful and far greater than this pandemic!

I wish there are more of these in the internet. They show hope and victory. I don’t spend a lot of time in social media these days due to the hopelessness and controversies surrounding the pandemic. I wish more people would post videos, pictures and stories of hope and joy.

@Steven. This is great, the news nowadays showing how some americans is protesting outside the cross streets. Only the bad side but not these situation. I hope the media also cover this things to spread the good things people do now in that country. i can say that they are all love by our God and they want to share the love also to our frontliners, frontliners that giving their life to save others. Please pray for them without them maybe many people will die every second… God bless them everyday with lot of strength and resources.

@Livingwater wow how great is our GOD. This is great, they are all showing the love of God and share it to our frontliners. nowadays some people is too shy to worship and praise God in Public. But now this time of pandemic they are all show up not for popularity but to help by means prayers and worship let us continue to spread this kind of video not only here on our loving community but also in other social medias.

It’s so amazing to see the people of God go out pray and worship Him. This pandemic is the perfect situation for us Christians to show who our God is and who His people are, by being one in our prayers, one in our praise and worship. Even though we are being restricted by the respective lock downs in our area, but videos like this sends a clear message to every Christians in the entire world that we can still be one in our hearts. By worshiping with them while watching and joining them as they cry, we become one in the body of Christ.