Amazon pulls out books that testify transformation of ex homosexuals


Amazon starts to shut the mouths of people that testify their transformed life from a homosexual life style.

“It would be awfully naive to think it will stop here. First, the LGBTQ movement will convince the culture that telling homosexuals they can change is dangerous. Then they’ll convince the culture that calling homosexuality a sin is dangerous. Then the government will tell the pastors of America what they can or cannot say on this subject, and the culture will approve.”

Pulling out books on certain topics is not a everyday common decision. Definitely there must have been discussions behind the scenes which could have been catalyzed by authoritative homosexual individual or a community within or outside amazon.

Just gives a picture how the"supposedly" big giants of the world are mere kittens when the face the changing trends that abide by or do not abide by the laws of God.

This indeed is a great strategy to stop people from reading stories of transformed people that would bring change in people’s lives if read.

Over the time, while the world trying to find rights and freedom of speech and expression for the homosexuals, is now denying the same right for Christians who wants to speak and express :slight_smile:


I am only 59 years old.

But when I was in school (the first 18 years of my life) books were pulled from libraries and also bookstores for being

  1. crass
  2. overtly sexual
  3. rebelling against established authorities
  4. Saying that God somehow is dead, doesn’t count, or should not be listened to.

No One Ever pulled a book that laid out morals in a general or specific way that was similar to the morals laid out in the Bible.

This is new, and therefore can be protested. However, as Christians, we are told to count the cost FIRST before we take our lives or livelihoods into our hands.

I pray that God will continue to save those who have been beguiled by the culture’s claim that being homosexual or transgender or basically anything God has not made us to begin with and that they may become shining stars in our culture to baffle the wicked and draw God’s chosen to Him.

As for the companies like Amazon who pull Godly literature, I leave that in the Sovereign Lord’s hands.