Any advice about home schooling?

Any advice about home schooling?

I want to do home schooling for my children, so that they can know God more and keep away from the evil world, where people don’t believe God and teach the young all kinds of wrong things. Is there anyone who can share your experience and give me some advice? Thanks .

How old are your children?

4 yr and 7 yr

Do you have sufficient condition?

What kinds of wrong things? You have confidence that you can tell your child nothing wrong?

If you want to raise your child faithfully, it is good not to neglect to read and teach the Bible together. Reading and learning the Bible is the foundation and foundation of a faithful life. When faith is firmly established in your home, your children will also walk in the path of righteous faith.

It is not possible that we do not avoid mistakes, but we need to try our best to protect our children from the darkness and sinful teaching of this world.

In my idea, to provide great education is not enough, we also need to pray for our kids, so that God can protect them from the evil thinkings of this world.