Anybody here have read the entire Bible?

A lot of people are finding ways to pass or kill time. They binge-watch, do Tiktok, etc. Why don’t we try to read the whole Bible or at least the New Testament, or may just a single book in the Bible during this period of quarantine? What do you think?

@yevillanueva: hello there! I’ve read the bible 2 years in a row now…I make it a habit to read the bible every year following the 365/366 bible guide. :blush:

Hello, dear @yevillanueva,
I personally have not read the entire Bible, but I read entire books when I was more little when studying on catechism curses.
I think a good way to make it would be to read every day some versicles, obviously now in quarentine we have more time, but so everyone can be at their own pace.
From now on, I’d make it an habit. Thanks for the suggestion.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Not the entire one, but only highlighted ones. :sweat_smile:The important is we should have faith on him as we read thoroughly the word of God written in the bible. God is the only important and holy one in the story of the bible. He is the king with his son jesus christ stand before him. We have witnessed his unconditional love, and worship as he protect us from darkness.

I read the entire bible…
My motivation that time is when I attended a youth conference and the speaker asked to stand up whoever read the entire bible already. And no one stand up that time.

I felt ashamed that time, because the bible is the love letter of God for us. It is our love story with Him.
And I love him that time.

As I grow up, and taking Nursing course wherein thick medical books I am reading…
I realized also that if I can read these medical books, how much more the bible which is the word of GOD.

There are three things that are eternal and these are GOD, WORD of GOD and Man.

So right now, whenever I make decision, I always consider this line “In line of eternity…” which at the back of my mind I am considering God, word, and man.

As heaven and earth will fade but HIS word will remain.

Yes! I’ve read it cover to cover 12 times so far. It’s actually a pretty fascinating book! (Or collection of books, but they all hang together).

From front cover to back cover takes 24 days if you spend the time with it you would a novel, say 3 1/2 hours per day.

I may not read the entire word of God but all I know and learned was that God is our father, the one that created us and continue to protect us and blessed us everyday. God given us life to be cherished, and that must be prayed to be thankful each day. We love you jesus your son who sacrificed for our sins. Lord Thank you for your love and care.

So inspiring to know that you guys have already read the entire Bible. That is very amazing @MakkaPakka @theenaocay @Sunami_Carpenter! I’m still on the process of understanding the book of John yet because sometimes a lot of things confuse me so my process of reading it is slower. Kudos to you guys! :yellow_heart:

@kianna: Bible is really good to read…you will be amazed by the stories of the characters in there and you’ll realized how lucky they are to reach 100+ years or more here on earth. It was so inspiring to read each chapters but I will not spoil you coz I wanted you to discover it for yourself :grin:…Have fun reading and feel inspired!

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That is very wonderful! I am really really excited, too. Thank you, @MakkaPakka! :blush:

@kianna Take heart! I did not understand everything I read cover to cover in the Bible. And I still do not. For me, it works better when I read in the broad context of the whole Bible so that I begin to understand the things I previously couldn’t understand.
Were I to read one book, say John, until I fully understood it, I’d never get to another book in my lifetime. Know that Biblical scholars and pastors who exegete the Bible also admit they have not yet plumbed it’s depths fully. One in particular that I know, has taught the Bible verse by verse for over 50 years. He admits there is no way to fully plumb it’s depths in an entire lifetime.

Do your best, of course, and ask God’s Holy Spirit to open your eyes to that which God wishes you to understand now. If we knew it all, it would flatten us! God bless :gift_heart:

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Thank you for that @Sunami_Carpenter! Yep, it can be very hard to understand

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@yevillanueva That’s a great challenge my friend. I have been a Christian since I was 6 or 7 years old, and to tell you frankly and honestly I haven’t read the whole bible. It’s really my struggle, a few years back I tried, I started to read until II Kings. But I really cannot remember what happened why I stopped. Thank you for reminding your fellow Christians that we should read the word of God instead of focusing on the things of this world. God bless you for this.

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Wow Amazing For those who read the whole bible. I hope you are not reading it only but you use it on your daily life. or Take it in your hearts.

But anyways way back before i used to read the bible but now im a fan of a bible stories with some pictures. it just like a Fairy Tale book it catches me more and understand it more.
Im more on listening on our worship songs while reflecting. I remembering our community worshipping together. I feel like thousands of people gathered to pray us one.