Are all scientists doesn't believe in God?

Are all scientists doesn't believe in God?
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Not all scientist doesn’t believe in God.

I knew scientist who believes in God like Dr. Myron Wentz.

Most scientist, leads their research in pointing that there is really true God.

Below is a link of articles wherein it listed 25 famous scientists who believed in God.

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Hello, dear zayn22
In my opinion, no. The stigma that existed between science and religion has been gone for a long time. Maybe today there are scientist who reject enphatically the idea of our Father, but those are very few. If you have time, read this article: 'Science cannot provide all the answers' | Science | The Guardian
Written by Tom Radford in 2003, you’ll see several opinions of a lot of scientists.
You have to remember that normally, science ask the why of things, with their inability to answer all of those questions, it arises for them the idea that something has to be behind those things, right? So scientist see this and acknowledge the existence of God.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I don’t think so. Regardless of a person’s profession, it is still up to them if they believe in God.

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Scientists do believe in God.The most famous biologist of all time Charles Darwin, was a firm believer in the Abrahamic God

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