Are we allowed to hang out and have friends that are not religious if we are?

I have a question: Are we allowed to hang out and have friends that are not religious if we are?

Jennifer Lemmons

No. If you hang at the barbershop long enuff you gonna eventually get a hair cut. Hanging out with ppl who are not religious is like Jesus and Satan chilling out together. What really would they have to talk about. The stronger of the spirits will win.… See more

Kevin Jackson

Jesus wants all of us to be disciples who create other disciples. We can’t spread The Gospel and create other disciples by exclusively hanging out with Christians. Christianity is something we DO because it is written on our hearts and not just on sto… See more

Richard Armstrong

We are allowed to do anything, the question is - is it good for us? Can we handle it? Can we turn that into something godly? Can we influence unbelievers with truth? Can we resist temptations? If we can’t do any of these, it is better to avoid doing it.

George Grant

We can do what Jesus did. He set an example for us to follow every day. Ask yourself what would Jesus do in this situation. Also We are Christian ‘s not Religious people. God bless. Hope this helps you.

Rosemary Lange

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.
1 Corinthians 15:33 Nowhere in scripture did light fellowship with darkness. The messiah gave ones in darkness a way to come out of darkness. Nowhere in scripture do you see him out right jus… See more

Gavin Miller

Absolutely Jesus hung with sinners all the time. He didn’t come for the safe but he came for the lost. Our contact however needs to be without reproach in the way that we live our lives. And our contact will be a testament to Christ and his love.

Jennifer Tarrant