Are we living in the end times?

Are we living in the end times?

End of history is Kingdom of haven ^^ whatever how bad is the word GOD WILL lead the history to his kingdom. If you want the kingdom come quickly, you can follow Jesus to do some work he want do.

I can’t help but wonder if we’re living in the last days. Are we? There’s so much conflict and turmoil in the world, and I don’t see any answer unless God intervenes and brings it all to an end. Am I being too pessimistic?

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The Bible warns us against making precise predictions about the exact time of Jesus’ return—but His return is certain, and we may well be living in the last days before He comes again. The Bible says, “The night is nearly over; the day is almost here” (Romans 13:12).

I think the more question is, are you ready for Christ’s return? You can be, by turning to Him and putting your faith and trust in Him. We shouldn’t take His warnings lightly, but commit our life without delay to Jesus Christ.

If we are hearing the voice of God, then one can discern the times and seasons. If not then we must seek Him with all of our body, soul, and spirit. Here is an album that will assist you:HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD(ALBUM)





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I think we should answer the question, “what is the end times?” in the Bible? Apostle Peter truly talked about the end of times. He said we are already at the end of times. I think he might say about the coming of Jesus in the future. Because Jesus is already resurrected from death in hell after being nailed on the cross. He must finish his work, that work is the building up and completing of the kingdom of God in this world. So the end of times is pointing at the last and final stage of history of God’s plan carrying in this world. So in this way, we are living in the end of times. It is full of hope, joy and also fighting between evil and good. That is the last warfare. But it is already won by Jesus Christ our savior.

Here is a message that was given in 2012–completely changed the tempo of our ministry: FINAL REALITIES OF THE LAST DAYS

Here is an album that will help in sorting out some of the questions?

If we focus on the Bible, It is sure we are living the end of time. But we are not sure on which day the Lord will come, so be alert and pray.