Are you committed on your prayer time?

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Are you committed on your prayer time?

How committed are you when we say prayer time?

For me I have multiple prayer times in a day. Usually, I do it every morning and evening but as I go through with my day, talk to my friends, I have mini prayer times because some of my friends are going through hard times. And I believe that prayers are very very powerful so I just pause in the middle of the day to pray for them. Despite my busy schedule, working for the whole day, I really try my very best to have at least two prayer times in a day. Whenever I skip a prayer day, trust me when I tell you that things go really really bad. I get all moody, sluggish, and bad things just happen. Plus it is very refreshing to bond with God, tell Him about your day, about your feelings, plus I really love praying for people. I want everything and everyone to be okay, so I keep on praying for them. So I can say I am very committed on my prayer time. :yellow_heart:

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Hello @kianna can i just say wow!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: , your such a good example on my own opinion , for other people that has a luck of prayer time… anyways im the topic creator now but im one of them that has a lack of prayer time … im skipping most of my prayer time… i created this topic so i can check another strategies or suggestions or learn from other experience how to be committed on prayer time… thanks for sharing god bless you my friend…

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Thank you so much, @arrol! For me, I think if you want to be committed to your prayer time, it would be easier and fulfilling if you try to love it first. Because if you love something, it would not feel like a task, rather an activity you enjoy and love to do. God bless you too @arrol!

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@arrol: For me, I pray before I get up in my bed in the morning; thanking the Lord for another brand new day; and then have some coffee while reading my daily devotions. And at night, we pray together as a family, thanking the Lord that we surpass the day, and that he may continue to bless us as we go to sleep at night. :wink:

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Hi @MakkaPakka… thats great… thanks for sharing this one up…
it will give a good relationship in your family and will help a lot to develop a deeper relationship in your core… i hope i can do that on my future family… its a great thing to share with our kids so they can apply this in futures… god bless you my friend…

Hi @arrol For me I pray at all time. Praying makes me have peace patience and perseverance I so desperately need. Like the bible says in Thessalonians 5:17-19; 17 pray all the time; 18 thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. 19 Don’t suppress the Spirit.

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Hello @Valerie thanks for the response… that a great idea… thanks for sharing your l prayer life … i hope ill be like you praying for jesus everyday… but the thing is i always thank god for what happen to my life even it is big or small … i love recognizing god in my everyday… what i mean was i see things as gifts from him… :smile_cat: :smile_cat: :smile_cat:

I usually pray or having really personal conversation with God before I go to bed.
Then my intercession time is usually 2am onwards.

But I also practice praying without ceasing or being sensitive and being aware of God’s presence always.
So I talked to God anytime and listened to Him anytime He is speaking.

Hello, dear @arrol
I have four prayer times in my day, and I always try to complete them. There’s one when waking up, I talk to God and thank him for giving me life once again, before and after every meal I thank him for giving me food, and before sleeping to thank him for the day. Also if something happens that I feel at my heart that I must discuss with him, I stop what I’m doing and talk with him for at least 15 minutes. It always clear my mind. God is awesome, and he’s always there for us.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hi @arrol

I usually get up earlier in the morning. Of course this means I will have to go to bed earlier. Because I need to create quiet time early in the morning as this is when our mind is the quietist and the best suited for prayer. It is essential to begin the day with prayer to gain the strength to face all the temptations during the day.
I normally set my alarm clock thirty minutes earlier. This will give me time for prayer and to prepare for the day in an unhurried manner. After prayer and when I have taken care of all my personal hygiene needs and getting ready for work. I do not want to start the day being pressured by time. If I don’t start the day with calmness there in not much chance that the rest of my day will be calm. Take time to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation each morning by observing the sunrise, the morning dew and the singing of the birds. All this depends on making sufficient time for these activities in the morning.
Before I sleep, I spend 30 minutes to think about God, to pray, and read Scriptures or other works of the Church Fathers. I consciously change something in my daily routine. Otherwise, I will not have created any new time for this most important activity.

Hello @arrol, this is such an honest yet very difficult question. I have been a Christian for such a long time and I have to say maintaining my prayer time is the hardest thing to do. And on that note, thanks to the lock-down, I’ve been spending regular time in prayer with my kids (at 9:30 am), my wife (at 9:00 pm) and by myself at around midnight. Yup, so there you go, there is something good out of this pandemic after all :slight_smile: