Are you experienced God walk with you?

Are you experienced God walk with you?

When I first led a fellowship, there was a time I felt so weak, and was occupied by sense of depression and defeat. I could do nothing but to pray. I clearly remembered that morning I prayed a lot and cried a lot. I prayed about 3 hours. God’s presence, love, comfort and encouragement filled me. God said he would always walk with me, protect me and lift me up. I reborn in that morning.

We are so weakness,Many times we want to give up, but how could we stand up and built faith?
Could you tell me your experience from God?

Every time I feel lonely and painful in heart, I prayed to God. Immediately his presence is there. I can feel he is standing by my side. My God always walk with me and never leave me alone.

I experienced God walking with me many times. God walked with me especially almost each turning points of my life.

Yes. Many many times that I still remembered about the memories. God did walk with me and I can not doubt.

I experienced a lot experiences until now. those Memories let me truly know that God is a good God. He is merciful. He is powerful. He. knows everything and reign the whole history.