Are you happy with your country's government actions?

Are you happy with your country's government actions?

Hello, dear friends,
Are you happy with your country’s government actions?
Obviously talking about the corona virus situation, what have the done or applied?
Here in Venezuela it was stated the quarantine, but the people did applied because of two reasons: 1) there’s no gasoline in the whole country 2)everybody knows that the hospitals can’t handle any case
Because of it, there may have not been much confirmed cases, but we know that’s not true, it’s the usual here.
But how are you? Is your government doing the right things?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hello there sir @Luis_Ruiz! In the country that we live now, they are a lot of rules implemented by stages. We are in the stage 3 lockdown now, which means that all establishments will no longer cater dine in in restaurants, boarders are close interstate, social distancing, only one visitor allowed in the house and a lot more. Aside from that, the government is giving an economic support to each family members too. Hopefully, if the case will increase they will implement a total lockdown to be more safer.