As a Christian, do you agree with the death penalty?

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As a Christian, do you agree with the death penalty?

The Bible approves it, it seems. However, I do not think it is right for one man kill another even if the law is on your side.

What do you think of the abolition of the death penalty?


God decrees that all convicted murderers must be executed, and failure to execute murderers brings God’s judgment on such societies.
Because all humans bear the image of God, God forbids murder and commands and exemplifies in the Bible that all murderers must be executed by legitimate civil governments as swiftly as reasonably possible. And the New Testament does not overturn capital punishment and that any state, legislature, or the court may rightfully dispense with capital punishment for murder.

Gn 9:5f; Ex 21:12–14; Nu 35:16–21, 30–33; Lv 24:17; Dt 19:11–13; 21:1–9
Mt 15:3 (citing Ex 21:17; Lv 20:9); Ro 1:32; 13:4; Ac 25:11, 25; 26:31; Rv 13:10; cf. 1Ti 1:8–10; Mt 5:17–19

Sure, it is written in the Bible. We should remember it carefully.

We should follow God’s will. And the government also should obey God.

If the sinner does repent, why we cannot give them a new chance? If he doesn’t repent until death, violence way is still not the best solution to stop the sin.
Our original sin is going astray from God. When we come back to the Lord, changed by His love, all the other sins will disappear naturally.

It is not us, but Christ gives them a second chance. What we should do is just to follow God’s law.