As a Christian, how do you cheer up a sad person?

I ain’t the best person to cheer someone up, but I do need some cheering up today. I’m on forced leave indefinitely from my work, and I’m the only one left working for the family (as I can work from home). Yet this forced leave will leave me lesser cash to fund my family ;( I already know what to do (look for other jobs online) but I still need cheering up. How to?

Its not only you who is struggling nowadays for having no job, but you must take it in a positive way. You might wonder why you are in forced indefinite leave it is because God wants you to focus maybe on something. Or he might have something much better for you to sustain your family’s needs. Just continue job hunting and goodluck!:blush:

I believe sometimes the best way to cheer up someone is to listen attentively to their problems or issues and then try to help them find a solution. If you’re in a position to help them, do. If you aren’t, encourage them using verses and stories of the Bible. Remind them that God does not leave us just like He remained in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, so will He be beside us through the fires of life. We need only trust in Him

I’m gonna feed you with God’s words of wisdom. That you are special and important human being. If you’re sad just cry and talk to God as you’re friend of him. Don’t be shy to talk to anyone in that way it can lessen the pain inside you.Always pray for the best.

For me I will tell him that Jesus will help lighten your way, He expects you to ask him with faith to guide you on your path, and I tell this person that this will happen if you believe in him.

For me, whenever a friend is down, I try my very best to give them advice and make sure they heard and cared for. I listen to their sorrows in life and try to understand them. I talk to them about how amazing the Lord God is, that this is just a challenge in life. I want them to strengthen their bond with the Lord God.