As born again Christian's we have to preach the gospel to those around us by any means available

As born again Christian’s we have to preach the gospel to those around us by any means available, God ask Moses what is in thine hand?

Warrick Noseworthy

Born again Christian is win you give your life to Christ. Yes we are all sinners but we can be cleaned by baptism and born again by the shed of Christ blood for he died on cross to pay the penalty for all our sins so that we may be saved through acceptance of his gift of eternal life. Amen / truth

Amy Ciarloni

HARmogeddon means " Battle for the mount of the congregation."Yahweh owns the temple mount.The battle of HARmogeddon is the battle for Yahweh’s ROCK which King David bought for Him and put Yahweh’s NAME on the title deed…Daniel chapter 11 is about two gods fighting.The god of the Christians is in the the city of Jerusalem and the god of the muslims is outside Yahweh’s LAND, These two gods fight for 42 months.There is a third GOD not mentioned who is sitting in His PLace watching His inspired scripture being fulfilled.Yahweh is His NAME. Exo 20: 11.

Raymond Lindroth

NO christian is born again. You have let very evil men deceive you.

Bruce Bowden

there are NO born again Christian’s. That is an event that happens when Christ returns and resurrects his saints.

Mike Kurtz

Our behavior and habits can help us spread the Gospel. We do not want to be a stumbling stone to others, especially kids.

Dale Lindsey

You can not read born again Christian in the Bible.

Sandy Cayanes Mergal

He also asked who is thy neighbor you are supposed to love ?

Donnie Bryan