As Christians it’s our fault,It’s our fault the government is where it’s at today

As Christians it’s our fault,It’s our fault the government is where it’s at today ,it’s our fault that racism is worse then it’s been in years,It’s our fault that God’s not in our schools anymore,it’s our fault There are churches have no power, it’s our fault that our economy has tanked,it’s not the Democrats or the Republicans it’s not the blacks or the whites or the Asians,it’s our fault…You see as I read my Bible gods always gave his people victory Over every circumstance…At times they had to repent but in the end We’ve always been victorious. We say it all the time God is never lost the battle why do you think that we are where we’re at today. We have to realize that it’s time to repent Jesus told John in revelations chapters two and three That out of the seven churches 5 of them needed to repent one of them needed to strengthen themselves and the other one need to get rid of the Jezebel Pastors out of the church…If we want victory we’re gonna have to repent we need to turn back to God even in our churches we have so many abominations going on anymore inside our churches it’s out of hand. We have so much self righteousness so much deceit these are abominations to God… this is just the start there is so much defilement within the church anymore we need to repent …and we need to realize our need that Jesus is the one that we’re there for we’re not there for concerts we’re not there to hear about the pastors and the pastors wives and family all service long…were there to hear about Jesus…Jesus is the only one we should be hearing about in church amen please let’s get back to Jesus….

Mike Busler

Xavier Roundtree

Christy Pearson Hall

God is IN Control, God’s will and purposes be done.

Rick Kennedy

1 Peter 4:1717 For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Rick Kennedy