As Christians, should we read the famous novels of this world?

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As Christians, should we read the famous novels of this world?

I really like to read some famous novels, but sometimes i am worried about this behavior. Do you think it is not good to read those famous novels?

I do think this is good for a christian, it should be influenced by the novels.

I personally think reading is a good habit. However, even if it is a famous novel, it is not recommended to read it if it is a matter of making our faith or pursuing worldly things. The Bible is a study seller and bestseller. I also recommend reading the Bible all day long :slight_smile:

i think we should be careful and distingish them. Famous novel does not mean that it is good and healthy. If the value of that novel is very secular and not helpful, we should not read. However if it is very helpful with the correct value, we can read it and enjoy it.

Yes. I think that we can read. We can get to know the knowledge. But we should know what we believe well. We should listen and watch more faithful histories and stories.

Some famous books have the background of Christian faith or the authors are influenced by the faith of Christianity or the culture of the authors are based on Christianity. From these novels we will have a better understanding of this world and find out the shiny points in humans characteristics. I recommend to read some of them.