As Dark Thoughts Are Closing in, I Hear Your Voice, "You Are Going to Win"


Poem from Nina Laird-Fusilli

And one day I sensed You found me.
You know the pain that surrounds me.
I await the freedom from the chains that bind me.
Yet, You remind me.
“I’m here!” You cry out!
When the dimness falls
And my hope fades.
My heart sinks in a darkened grave.
“Do not give up!” You hold on tight.
I’m boxing the darkness,
In the shadow of night.
Rescue me, Jesus!
Carry me out!
“I’ll take your hand and show you how.”
He has led me, carried me, loved me through.
“Your strength is in Me
And I am in you.”
As dark thoughts provoke and are closing in,
I hear Your voice, “You are going to win.”