Ask God to protect our hearts from being away from Him

Satan hurts you and distorts your spirit, making you develop hatred.
Satan attacks you with others’ strong points, making you feel inferior.

Satan scares you with strange situations, making you feel anxious.
Satan frames you with others’ mistakes, getting you angry.

Satan shackles you with the idea of putting ourselves first, making us feel lonely.
Satan incites you to make mistakes and then accuses you of that, making you impulsive.

Satan tortures you with unnecessary worry, making you feel upset.
Satan misleads you with incorrect life value, making you be jealous of others.

Satan deceives you into straying away from God, making you depraved and conceited.
Satan tempts and lures you with various benefits, making you distance yourself from God.

If we can’t see through its tricks, we’ll be deceived by it and live in pain. Asking God to protect our hearts from being away from Him and falling into temptation in such an evil world.


Thank you @Sasha. I like it, when you don’t know what to do Just Pray. Satan is just around but Angels comes nearer to us when we are lost.

It is a great time when I received this word from Him:

The LORD will guide you always. Isaiah 58:11

Let me Pray.
Dear Lord, I ask for Your guidance. Give me the power of Your grace so that I may hear Your divine instructions. Remove any barriers that keep me from drawing near to You. Open my heart and clear my vision so that I may follow Your path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Hello @Sasha this is well noted.
But in my case sometimes i dont pray, I prioritize first my anger or my pride. But now im practicing that i need to pray first and avoid my ego. Just pray for me also because sometimes i just want to make my own point in a argument. Thanks for your post i am reflecting now.
I know that Lord is watching me and he knows also that im working in progress.


This is powerful. @Sasha
Often times I lose confidence in myself and I give up easily. Prayer made me realize how much more I could do for myself because God made me and I know he made me strong. I would always talk to Him whenever I feel like I’m losing myself. I lift everything up to Him and I believe that with His love, I can do anything.

This is so true! I have experienced this myself. I was such a very weak person when it came to facing problems. Small struggles and I breakdown and lose faith in everything in my life. But when I let the Lord God enter my life, when I let Him take control, everything changed. I prayed more and more. The problems that used to destroy me, made me stronger. So whenever I have a friend that is also going through the same thing, I always encourage them to pray. What a miracle it was for me to have changed for the better. All that was lacking was Jesus Christ! :yellow_heart:

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Yes, @arrol! The journey or the process of change will not be easy but very much worth it! I pray to the Lord God that He may give you the strength as you fight your battles. Be patient and you will very much see how far you have come and how His power and love for us is so strong! :pray: :yellow_heart:

Another good read @Sasha…thanks for sharing it with us. As I read through each lines, I realized that I am so prone to Satan’s trap. Just like this one Satan scares you with strange situations, making you feel anxious. I honestly have sleeping disorder because before I sleep, there are times that I am overthinking things and in the long run feel anxious about it.

Anyway, this post is a reminder for me and to everyone to pray more in order to get out in Satan’s trap. Let us all remember this bible verse “Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you” (Psalm 25:4-5)". :wink:

@Sasha Whenever these things happen to me especially with loved ones and in work, I always feel anxious and makes my anxiety even worse. I tend to overthink a lot like where did I go wrong? Do i deserve this? What if I reacted differently? I feel weak. And I always cry a lot to release all the emotions. But of course, I always talk to God. Almost everything we go through we cant control. In the end, we have to make peace with it, learn from it and move on. Sometimes, things go wrong and we just have to accept it and have more faith in him that each and every situation he put us into is trying to teach us something. That God gave it to us for a reason.

God please help us to protect ourselves from being captured by the devils heart. We would like to stay by your side at most of the time.

Hello, dear @Sasha
There is so much truth in all of this. For better or for worse, Satan is always there being that bad influence, that obstacle, that voice or that sign that tempt us to do the wrong things in our lives. Is especially saddening when we fail to resist him even though we know it’s wrong.
We must keep the faith, love and confort in God strong at all times, so we fight and win against the devil temptations, just as Jesus Christ managed to do it, we as man can do it too.
Only trough God love we can achieve true happiness.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

hi @Sasha i am so glad to hear that whatever you do, even if you dont know you still manage to pray.
sometimes even if we feel that God seems silent, He is waiting for your response, what attitude we response every time he is silent. let me share Megan Finegan teaching "5 things to remember when God is silent 5 Things to Remember When God Seems Silent - FOCUS

Dear Lord God, thank you for the life of Sasha, continue to bless her and give her joy and peace in every single, please remind her that every time she doesnt know what to do is You are available to listen.
thank you Jesus, in your name we trust amen.

I’ve learned this the hard way, how to deal with satan’s lies and deceits. Prior the pandemic I used to battle the tricks of satan using my own ability and own knowledge, being critical about everything that life gives me. Whenever I face difficulties my immediate action is to think of the best possible solution on my own. What I’ve learned this time is the best way to deal with problems, before searching for answer is, you should first seek for the source of the answer, our Almighty Father. As per my experience, satan always trembles with this, but the key is that we should never let our guards down. Because satan is just waiting for a split second opportunity and he will attack. Meaning, we should always fill our lives with the holy presence of God, our relationship with Him should always be active each and every second.

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This is true, we are on a spiritual warfare. We should never let our guards down. We should put on God’s full armour: the shield of faith, helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, sword of the spirit and shoes of peace. Always remember that God has already won against Satan, let us claim that victory!

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@IamRichardJohn: I agree with you…Satan attacks us mostly when we are weak. He makes ways to agitate and lose us in our own track… When we are tested, we should remember this “My Father. . .is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand” (John 10:29). Therefore, we have to strengthen our personal relationship with God so that no matter how hard life can be, we can withstand all of it with God by our side.

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Lord, I ask that You protect our minds. Father, the mindset on the flesh is death, but the mindset on the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6 O God, set our minds on You. Let us not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds that we may prove what Your will is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2 Help us by the power of Your Spirit to think on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise, let our minds dwell on these things. Philippians 4:8

Yes Amen! God constantly wants to bless and protect our lives, and He certainly does. However evil spirits also want to cause confusion, havoc, sin and destruction in our lives, if we allow. Everyone will encounter various attempts of evil spirits or satan, to try to cause us harm, but God provides many ways to help protect us, to guard our hearts and to limit and avoid evil from hurting us. Moreover it’s how we personally relate to situations that matters; We ourselves can be the cause of various unfruitful emotions, because we don’t put our trust in God, and in Jesus Christ when dealing with certain issues. We need to cast all of cares on Jesus Christ because He Loves us, and will deliver us.

@kbadum i remember when this were taught in sunday school my sunday school teacher said that let us always wear the full armour of God because we dont know when will satan attacks us we must be ready because satan is always here to steal kill and deceive us. Especially in this time that we are weary we need the power of prayer.

Hi kiana how are you. I hope you are okay. and doing great. I agree with what you said let the lord enter in our life because He knows what to do and He is in control. I thankful that God never leave you to face your struggles alone. I pray that both of us will receive the blessings of God. I see in you that God continue to encourage you to be strong and live life normal even we are facing struggles with this pandemic.

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Hello @Bhert! I am doing quite well, thank you. Yep, God is good! My life literally changed when I let God enter my life. It changed how I viewed and handled things. There are still problems here and there but I have learned to be strong because He is always there. God will never let us down, He has plans for us and it’s amazing. We might not know what those plans are but we know for sure it is worth the wait because it is our beloved Father who planned it. God bless you, @Bhert! :yellow_heart: