Ask yourself is it worth your salvation

I talk to a lot of people about God, & I noticed that they agree with everything until it something that the person doesn’t like. Don’t you understand that it doesn’t matter & it will not change what His judgement is on the matter.
It seems that people are hardening there hearts & not understanding what they are doing is rebelling against the Lord. It doesn’t matter whether it is sodomites, idolaters, marriage, or men having multiple wives but women only with 1man, it’s rebelling. Do you really believe sodomy will be allowed in the kingdom? Idolatry? Witchcraft & sorcery? Why do you believe it’s alright now? Do you believe that you can tell Him you don’t care, you’re going to do what you want & you won’t suffer? These are the last days, what kind of suffering do you expect it to be?
In the present time & conditions of society we just need to obey & not let personal opinion stop salvation. Ask yourself is it worth your salvation.

Sugahman Roger

Seriously?? Are you without sin? Do not judge others, if there is a log in your eye, go and remove it before judging othersIt’s amazing how we ‘Real Christians’ go about judging others for things we don’t do, yet think" we are better because our sin isn’t as bad "It’s not for us to judge which sin is worse, but to clean our own side of the streetI fall miserably, I strive not to, but I sin continually, it’s the nature of man to sinWe are hypocrites when we judge others even as I judge the person who wrote this and all those who have this post an ‘Amen’.

Richard Tierney

Like a politician I heard say recently, facts don’t care about your feelings. The truth needs to be heard and accepted otherwise you will continue to live a life that you think you’re entitled and always right which is the problem with today’s society. Plant seeds. One day God will use life experiences against them and they’ll think back to what you said

Curtis Creel

Just keep sharing God’s love, forgiveness of sin through Jesus…plant seeds and pray for Holy Spirit to nurture that soul saving seed…I too was there, not hard hearted not completely convinced…don’t be discouraged…God Bless you for your sharing…and soft heart.

Colette Hegg