Asking prayers for myself. Getting help for my depression, social anxiety disorder, and PTSD

Asking prayers for myself. Getting help for my depression, social anxiety disorder, and PTSD. I got tried for feeling horrible about my self. I thought God will handle this. But I was so wrong. But I asked for help.

Wendy Groves

Wendy Groves,First of all, please stop calling it “your” depression, social anxiety disorder & PTSD…Whatever “you” take ownership of, “you” give it the right to impact “your” life (watch your words)Next, start saying what God’s Word says about you as His child, and stop agreeing with the devil’s lies…They are designed to steal your Joy, which is the seat of your strength Find out what God’s Word calls you, and only say those words; take “Praise Breaks” and refuse to give upMake Ephesians 6:10-20, Philippians 2:5-16, Luke 10:19-20 and 2 Chronicles 20:15-17 your best friends…This is helping me, so I know it will help you

Julie Allen

Praying for you. I quote this verse aloud to myself when I feel down or think negatively - Philippians 4:8 - whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is praiseworthy etc think about these things I say it over and over until I get some peace it’s been a real help to me.

Eleanor Formaggio

take good care. Get help. This is not to be handled alone: God gave you specialists

Jayne Fleming

Tim Aberegg

What a sad statement of unbelief, “I thought God could handle THIS. But, I was wrong.” So, you were not talking about the Lord, God Almighty, the Creator of ALL things, the Savior & Redeemer of the whole Earth, that loved the world, you included, that Yahweh God is His name, the Holy One, the One & ONLY True God, the very God that made a Way for YOU to be free from your sin/shame/ depression/ dark moments/ trauma of PTSD, etc, etc, etc by Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all of the EVERYTHING that you could possibly go through - in the VERYYYYYYY worst human possible situations & experiences and has helped untold millions like you or 100 times worse, that JESUS was whipped to almost beyond recognition for the healing of your body, soul and spirit ~ was not capable to help YOU! Is this the God that you accuse could not/ would NOT {{[[((handle))]]}} your problems for YOU!!?? This is a demonically inspired lie, that YOU have bought! 1st, we are to go to God on HIS terms, in His prescribed solutions, in His defined process - of Him to help us and set us free from EVERYTHING that comes against us! There is NOT ONE tiny issue that we will ever face in 500 years, that He has not considered ~ in Jesus Christ to not be the fix for our lives!! Now, you MUST come to the LORD God with the conditions that He has ALONE warranted to help us all!! That answer for YOU and every human upon the face of the Earth has a name!! His name is JESUS! He is wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, incredible, glorious, HOLY, righteous and always full of love!! Jesus is THE only Way out of your problems! THE Truth of who & what He is that WILL (not maybe, possibly of might) set you free. And, He is THE Life that is the VERY MOST DEFINITELY that is worth giving your all to & for, as Jesus gave His ALL for you/us! There is NO other Name under heaven that will help you and fix you like Jesus will. Now, back up and turn to the Lord in true, heart-felt, gut wrenching repentance! In a millisecond, the Lord will chase every strand of darkness out of your life and flood you with His Light! That Light has a name. It is JESUS! You submit yourself under the holy grace & mercy of Almighty God and He will show you just how powerful that He is to break the back & bring a swift destruction to the enemy of your soul that has been plaguing you. Then, don’t you ever think to say the God can not handle the devastating effects of sin in your life! Don’t you dare think for a second to believe such follishness!

Al Videc

It’s ok to get meds, exercise, eat well, positive self talk about what the LORD thinks of you! He LOVES you! He cares what happens to you! Things will get better! Just look at Job. He made out pretty good in the end after his hard time! Trust God

Suzanne Farmer

Tim Aberegg