Attempt something for God in this pandemic season


In Wassa Assembly, a young Presiding Deacon is trying to put up a temporal mud structure in this lockdown period for his congregation.Making good use of what is available. Attempt something for God in this pandemic season.

Wow, this is amazing. Made out of mud? Nice. I love how despite all of this, they still cling closer to God. I have met a lot of people that have turned mad at the Lord God for what is happening, which is really sad. A moment like this, we need God the most.

Truth be told, before this pandemic happens: we are all busy by our daily/routinary activities and forget God most of the time. I admit I am one of those, as I am too busy with my physical activities that I forget to strengthen my spiritual activities too. As the pandemic strikes, a lot of us where worried and saddened by the news and starting to build again our spiritual relationship with God. As the pandemic is still present in many countries, we see a lot of acts of kindness that is happening around the globe. Praying became a priority for all of us now, our family relationship is restored and most of all we are back in God’s embrace. Salute to this young presiding Deacon.