August 3: Verse of the Day ❣


This is beautiful @kianna. Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed by all the chaos going on around us that we often forgot to see His presence.

Sometimes, the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

Always choose to trust God. Always choose to see the good in every situation. Choose to follow His words and always choose to believe that better days are coming. Trust the process. Everything is just preparation. Everything will be alright. Keep the faith.

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@kianna i am ready to accept these blessings. i know and i believe that He is God that source of Joy and peace, a hope that everyone is looking forward to, why am i be scared if God is with me. surely that God will bless me prosper me as He promise also HE WILL BE WITH ME UNTIL THE END.

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Thank you @Jean. Yes, we really do get very overwhelmed sometimes that we stumble and get lost for a moment. What truly matters is that we find our way back to Him. :yellow_heart:

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Yes, @Jojoy! Let us all be ready and willing to accept God’s love and blessings! Let us not focus on the bad things, rather let us focus on His promise. Better days are coming. :yellow_heart: