Be patient - Daily life reflection

I want to do the work quickly and well when I serve in church and in the ministry. And I found it is difficult for me to trust in others as I assign some work for them, for I felt they do not have the sense to do their work well, I felt they are very slow. But God teaches me to be patient.

Now I realized more that I need to have my faith in God first and pray for my coworkers. God is guiding everyone and training everyone. God is their true shepherd and leader. I need to trust in God’s work, that is perfect. I also need to pray to have a heart to understand others with my heart. It is very important to have the right priority when I work, the relationship is more important than the work. I should not work without love to my brothers and sisters. I need to care their thoughts and emotions. And also to love them with God’s love, be patient to them as God is patient to me. I believe if I can truly love them and teach them according the spirit of the Gospel, we can grow very well together in Jesus Christ.

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Amen. Being patient is a life-time lesson we need learn. Maybe currently we felt we are patient, once in a new challenging position, we may lose our temper. Only with the power of Holy Spirit, we can bear the fruit of true patience.

Amen, Jesus was very patient with his disciples. They were sometimes thickheaded, lazy, selfish, and slow to believe. Even from a merely human standpoint, we can see how frustrating they must have been. How much more irritating it would be for God Incarnate to interact daily with these men. In spite of Jesus’ miracles and words of wisdom, they were focused upon themselves and wavered in their belief about who he really was. So let us follow the example of Jesus, know God’s heart to us and also be patient to others.