Be prepare because everything is about to change suddenly!

Be prepare because everything is about to change suddenly! SUDDENLY! No man can do nothing about it! Know who you are in Jesus Christ!
You will not going to overcome anything of the sudden change if you are not spiritually prepared! God is going to change everything by spiritual fire!
Jesus told us in John 3 in His conversation with Nicodemus that you must be BORN AGAIN! Christians loosely saying the word born again. Born again is about receiving the Holy Spirit! If you are not sure if you received the Holy Spirit, then you have an obligation to yourself to know and need to receive Him.
THE TEN PLAGUE IN EGYPT is hapenning again but in different form. The knowledge of the word of God is your salvation not your emotions!
JESUS SAID, I give you the power and authority over your enemy!

Caridad B. Monroe

We are to live by and love one another by fellowship not to criticized. Judge not so you not be judge.My respond to Tony Aguirre in public. He thinks that I am stupid. I am created by the almighty God so I appreciate it all. My God is my judge not a human or tony Aguirre.

Caridad B. Monroe

Work in your grammar please, you wrote like a 2nd grader. God likes intelligent people.

Tony Aguire

The vaccines are genocide weapons of mass destruction/death

Charles ‘Richard’ Miller

Amen an answer to my prayers.

Rosemary Lange

I think by September something big is going to happen

Scoop Mendenhall

I can’t believe the disrespect and beliteling I am seeing on this site. Wow!! Where are.the monitors here. This is certainly not reflecting Christian attitudes here.

Bonnie Breton

Do you really feel there will be a sudden change, are you sensing the spiritual fire, are the 10 plagues (but different) around the corner, you feel? Thank God the knowledge of God’s Word and not our emotions is our salvation! Where do you see all this in God’s Word, by the way?

Richard Semione