Be thankful - Daily life reflection

I am thankful for the family God gave me, for the work Jesus gave me, for the health… however the most important thing to be thankful is to always remember and meditate the salvation in Jesus Christ. Being thankful is not just a attidute of life, but a fruit of re-borned new life.

For the non-believers don’t know God, so they also have no thanks to God. Everyday we should check our heart, whether we are thankful is like instruction to help me to know the status of our faith in God. If I believe God, I will know all the good I got is because of God’s grace, it is not by chance, then I will be thankful. If I believe God, I will know God is working for me, God is saving the world, I will have hope and be thankful. If I believe God, I will be always thankful because I am a true sinner, but Jesus loves me unconditionally. My soul can get peace and joy in Jesus everyday.

If I lost the heart of thankfulness, the wrong thoughts and emotion will come. I will ignore the grace and think what I got is what I deserved, and I should get more what I think I should get. The heart will become arrogant. The life will become self-centered and all the focus is me, me, me…It will be very terrible life. May God help me and help all of us to follow the example of Jesus, being gentle and humble. And also be thankful.


Amen, all the good things we got is from above, we are not deserved, just got it by God’s grace and mercy.

Be thankful that Jesus Christ died for your sins. He willfully suffered the full extent of God’s wrath that you and I may live. We give Him nothing and all we do is take, but He gave His life for ours. That is true love. Thank God for our only claim to Heaven our beloved Savior Jesus Christ.

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Hi @Steven_Du, This is my Reflection.

A thankful heart, in the deepest spiritual sense, is found only when we humble ourselves before God and admit that all things come from God as a blessing, especially our very lives. The truth that brings a man or woman of faith joy and peace are not the accomplishments or the amount of things they own, but their love of God, His faithful care and the knowledge of an even better life to come. All other blessings seen in this light are blessings to be enjoyed, but also shared as God has shared them with us. When I become aware of the blessings of my life as gifts from God, then I am more willing to likewise share these gifts with others.

I am thankful for the millions of chances God has offered me in life. I know I fail sometimes as a child of God, but He still accepted me and gave me another chance to be better. I did numerous of bad things in the past and I lived life so badly that it affected how I perceive Christ and how I see myself and other people. But instead of Him abandoning me, He accepted me and still loved me. I am very thankful for the chances God gives me. I try my very best to be better for Him and to the people around me and to myself too.