Behind every strong person there is GOD


Yes! Amen. God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. No matter where we are, He is always there to sustain us. As long as we have God in our hearts, we have nothing to worry about. He got our backs 24/7. Whenever you feel empty, allow him to refill your tanks. He is waiting for you to call and ask for his guidance.

God gave us this life because He knew we were stronger enough to live it. Every struggles, pains and setbacks has shaped and mold us to be the person we are today. They happen for a reason. With God, we do not have to worry, cause He will always guide and protect us against everything life throws at us. He will never let go of our hands even in times of danger. We become resilient by overcoming difficult situations but we become stronger by walking in faith with God.

Amen. I feel sorry to God, because I’ve in the days of lossing my confidence and strength in the Lord. But there’s a strong God, who guide me and never loss hope. I am thankful because there are grace around me and He always show his plans to me although I fail to do it on my own.

Hi there @Jenny!
Indeed. Amen to this! God is in each and every one of us. We are a part of Him and He strengthens us everyday. We are strong because of our faith in God and in ourselves. We should never underestimate what we can do because we have the ability to shape our talents and use it for the better. Let us continue thanking the Lord for waking up everyday and for having the strength to surpass obstacles we face.

Hello, dear @Jenny
I can’t agree more with you! This is the truth, without God we are nothing! Only with him we can find meaning and happiness in life, and even then when we accept him he will show us the path to more and more happiness. Because he wants us to walk his path to salvation, to happiness, to love! To be strong it means to be clear of where you have to go, and the only way to do that is by trusting Jesus Christ.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@Jenny i totally agree with this… When im weak God is strong. He gave his life for us. We are nothing if we are apart from him. Everything is because of his grace and mercy. In my daily battles God is fighting with me. I know i can because he is with me,