Being a Christian does not I am better than you

Being a Christian does not I am better than you. Being a Christian means that I was such a horrible person. I realized that I needed God In my life because I can not do this on my own. Life is hard and we go through really tough times and there are days where we feel lonley, weak, fragile, angry, disappointed and restless. And even though I don’t deserve it. God was so merciful to me. Jesus died on the cross for me and he saved me from my sins. God gave me his Holy Spirit and now I’m no longer alone. I am no longer empty on the inside. I have been filled with the love and peace of God Almighty. This assurance and rest is only available in the name of Jesus. I’m not better than you, but I have something that you don’t. I have been born again and if you come to Jesus today and believe on him. You can become a child of God too!

Kalvin Valentine Bell

Beautiful Testimony Kalvin, God bless, keep on this path as living in the end days.

Catherine Ann Lawrence