Being an introvert is selfishness?

Does being an introvert means being selfish? Can I be a Christian and an introvert at the same time?

Introvert vs. Outrovert

Different Characters . It is neutral.

Selfishness is sin

Being introvert not equal selfishness.

Being introvert but heart could be generous. Being outrovert but heart could be selfishness.

Sometimes you can’t choose your beings, but you can choose to follow God’s commandments of love.

Introvert and outrovert may change. Before being a Christian, I am being very introvert. A whole week I could not speak one word with my desk mate. After being a Christian, I opened my heart a lot and being outrovert to share myself with people.

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I also think introversion is just a character trait, not a sin.I think both introverted and extroverted people can be selfish or not.Selfishness has less to do with character and more to do with heart.I am a very introverted person.When my father introduces me to others, he often says: “my daughter is very introverted, a little shy, but she is very kind-hearted”.I am always moved when I hear my father introduce me like this, because he does not equate my character with my sin.

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i do not think so. That is different character.

Just curious: who told you that being an introvert is selfish?

This article might help:

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Thank you for your sharing.

I am an introvert but I don’t see myself as a selfish person. Maybe you think that being an introvert would mean too “shy” enough I guess to share God’s word. Uhm, that is not the case. Just because a person is introverted, it does not mean they do not interact at all. Even if I am an introvert, I love sharing God’s word. I do not interact that much but I still do in my own little ways.

Hello, dear @david
Of course not, that’s just your personality. Being an introvert doesn’t define you, it’s just the way on which you live and let live the others. If you want to be a true Christian and accept Jesus Christ in your heart into the fullest you can and you should do! Not every person has to be a missionary or a preacher, remember that praying can be a group talk with God but it also can be a conversation between you and God.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

God created us with varying strengths, weaknesses, and personality types. He can use anyone who submits to Him, and He is often most glorified through our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). When introverts have totally submitted their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ, they can be mighty prayer warriors, mentors, and teachers. Spirit-filled introverts use their God-given nature for the glory of God and relish long, fruitful times of worship, soul-searching, and Bible study. When they allow the Holy Spirit to move them beyond their comfort zones, they can then share with others the rich insights God has given them.

There are a few things that can hinder an introvert’s service to God. When their natural quietness is motivated by insecurity or fear, introverts often withdraw from people. They may refuse to engage with others as instructed in Scripture (1 Peter 4:10). This kind of solitude limits them spiritually. Introspection can also lead to a critical spirit. Too much focus on self can result in judging others or even ourselves (Matthew 7:1–2). Introverts may also use their natural reticence as an excuse to avoid taking on responsibilities at church or actively witnessing for Christ. Jesus made no such distinctions in His instructions to us about serving our world and loving others (Acts 1:8; Matthew 10:18–19). The Great Commission is for introverts, too.

Philippians 2:3 says we are to “consider others as better than ourselves.” Some introverts may see this verse as confirmation that they are to see themselves as inferior. A healthy self-image is one in which we see ourselves exactly as God does: no better and no worse. We are to see ourselves as “God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). Whether introverted or extroverted, Christians need to remember that their temperaments are gifts from God to be used for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Showing who we are, for me it doesn’t matter and it isn’t selfishness. Perhaps, God is eloquent in our behaviours. :blush:

Hi @David I hope you are doing well today!
Being an introvert does not equate to being selfish. Introvert is a reserved person. There are tons of different personality traits and being an introvert is one of them. An introverted person can be a selfish person but they could also be a generous one. We all have different personality traits and I believe that it depends on the person’s upbringing.

@David I don’t think there is a limitation in being a Christian. Introversion is not selfishness. You have to embrace it because the qualities that we possess are from God. I was also an introvert before but as I go through with life given the profession that I chose, I became an ambivert. Introverts can bless other people by their calm personalities. :slight_smile: