Best out of me you can despite myself getting in the way, alway

Cane slew able
Yes I know it is not the correct spelling
Nor do we have any evidence Caine was disabled
The point I am bringing to mind is how we are always “against” those who are more able than us
We want to be the best at something instead of being impressed by those who are gifted and naturally better we try to be what we are not
We try to be better at something we are not gifted at then someone we know is Gifted at it
Whatever it is
Praising GOD for gifts and condemning GOD for Giving Gifts to others
Alway I am doing this even as I deliberately try not to
Apostle Paul wrote and today I write it with different words yet it is the same shame
I do that which I would not
My desire is to lift you up and Encourage you, please try to remember my intent so you may get the best out of me you can despite myself getting in the way, alway

Robert Allen

If you are born again the Holy Spirit teaching you the truth. Getting the best out of you is LOVE in the midst of tribulation and that you can celebrate the blessed sister and brothers! By spiritual maturity is humility, integrity and correcting eachO… See more

Caridad B. Monroe

Oh that is good. I love how God uses word plays. He does it all the time.

Brandilyn Chalmers

CS Lewis wrote about pride in his book Mere Christianity. How it is competitive it is always Pride against Pride. Which is a good test to us if we are irritated by somebody else’s gift it is because we have pride in US wanting more for ourselves then w… See more

Daniel Hutch