Beware when you notice all these in your life

Beware when you notice all these in your life


  1. Beware! When prayer becomes a difficult thing for you.
  2. Beware! When fasting is becoming a history in your spiritual
  3. Beware! When you no longer enjoy reading the word of God.
  4. Beware! When attending church program is becoming a
    burden rather than a blessing for you.
  5. Beware! When living a life of holiness is appearing like
  6. Beware! When sinful living becomes a lifestyle in the name of
  7. Beware! When you crave for earthly things rather than the things
    of God.
  8. Beware! When waking up in the night to pray is becoming a
    thing of the past.
  9. Beware! brethren, when your heart no longer desires to see the
    Lord Jesus one day.
  10. Beware! when you eat more than pray
  11. Beware! when you no longer share the word with others.
  12. Beware! When u start diluting the preaching Word of God to
    keep people around you.
  13. Beware! of all these, brethren, Satan isn’t resting. We too must
    be vigilant.
  14. Beware! When you spend more time on Facebook, whatsapp,
    twitter, and internet. These things become idols and take the place
    of God.

Perhaps you’re not even interested in the contents
Lets prepare, Jesus is coming soon to take those who are eagerly
waiting for him.

Revival Lord, help us to fear and obey U :pray:
I cry for revival and restoration Lord…
Mercy O Lord, Mercy Jesus!!!

You are Loved… That’s the reason for this Message…! Follow my page…for further counsel and direction keep in touch.
#MuchLove… :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you so much for these wonderful reminders, a lot to take in and admit but the fact of the matter is, it is true. For me personally and I will not speak in behalf of other Christians, often times I am just sugar coating my life just for self satisfaction. I always confess that “Jesus you are the center of my life” but in reality what’s happening is He is just being set aside because I’m so focused on life. The hardships, the trials and the pain becomes the main attraction of my life. I tend to focus so much on the problems and forgot about the problem solver (Jesus Christ). Because of this COVID19 I worry even more, but this time I learned to listen and learn from my maker. I am not saying that I am already transformed but articles like this became a great instrument of how God speaks to His people. Again @Jesusloveyou thank you for a great reminder. God bless you.

Hello, dear @Jesusloveyou
I loved all of your post, it truly is something to think about or ways of living, the speeding up and changing traditions are sometimes too much too fast and we sacrifice our relationship with God in so many ways that are not worth it. We here are all Christians and I hope we don’t gave this many problems, but this phrase:

May God, what a truth. Especially because we normally eat what? 3 times a day? There would be a lot problems in our life’s and faith if we can’t pray more than 3 times a day. If God is always there for us, we must try to be the same for him
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@Jesusloveyou thanks for this sharing. I think i can build another title with this, “You got to be Awake”. :thinking::thinking::grin::grin::grin:.
i think the most impact there for me is number 6.
what is my meaning when i choose it, all of us is sinner when we are all enjoying our sins and becomes a habit its so hard to remove that thing. Because your or my ego saying that its okay, BUT the truth its Not, by the law and by the eyes of GOD. its hard to change but i know he will not let go Of me. In my heart says that GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYONE.

Thank you for the reminders! Its true, Satan is busy trying to steal God’s people. We should always be alert and equipped in prayers. We cannot do this alone but with God and his holy spirit. And also, remember that whatever struggles you have, no one is beyond God’s reach. He will never let go of our hand.

Thank you @Jesusloveyou for this reminder to ponder upon. I was caught offguard and feel guilty with #1, #3, and #14. Let’s tackle #1: I admit that sometimes I forgot to pray not because I intentionally do it, but sometimes due to being tired the whole day for being a full time mom and doing house stuffs. I couldn’t even finish my rosary sometimes because I fell asleep.

#3: I also admit that sometimes I forgot reading my daily devotions because I am too busy reading my self-help books and other fiction and non-fiction books.

#14: Before I join in this community, I am too busy with social media activities and busy surfing the internet doing nothing, in short I am not productive. I am glad because 2 months ago I found this community and happily sharing my thoughts to everyone now.

Overall realization: Truly indeed that God will make a way to redirect you to the things that you are supposed to do. All you have to do is set a goal and focus more to God’s plan for you. :blush:

@Jesusloveyou, thank you for keeping us reminded and be aware with these Beware Notice especially when it talks about the way we believe in God. I love those words you have been shared to us, I am enlightened by those restrictions also. Likewise it gives me a realization of my attitude and my behavior spiritually. Once again I want give thanks to you. :blush::pray:

Thank you for the reminders! This is surely something we must keep in mind from time to time. Do not let evil control our minds and lives! God bless everyone!

I love #10 haha Beware! when you eat more than pray.

This may be humorous but it is definitely true. It’s not about eating, but on preferring the flesh over the spirit, the temporal over the eternal, the daily meal than the Daily Bread. Thank God we in the West haven’t really been made to choose between God and money, or church and profession, or the Bible and your head. So, praise God for our brethren who have faced such trying situations (in China, North Korea, parts of the Middle East, and other countries where the Bible is prohibited) and chose God with conviction!