Bible apps

Any bible apps you can recommend? Where you can bookmark or highlight some verses? Or any app where I can do my daily devotional?

Personally I use mysword, it is a mobile version of the windows program E-sword. This app is not that user friendly compared to other apps, however, I find it very useful.
You can download different versions of the bible. you can also write journals, highlight verses and copy a verse or verses to the clipboard.
If you want to go deeper, you can also download commentaries, bible dictionaries, and even Greek lexicon.
It is also very easy to search a verse in this app using keywords.

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Thank you so much @yevillanueva! :blush:

hi @kianna! the bible app that im using is YouVersion Bible App, it has audio, different versions of bible are also downloadable in this app. It also has a lot of downloadable devotions, Im currently using the The Bible Project its a one year bible reading, it has videos that explains every book of the bible, also explains important words in the bible like Holy Spirit, Covenants, etc. The app also reminds you to do your devotions and you can also invite friends to you the same app and devotion that you are using. It also have a daily bible verse that are helpful to lift up your down Spirit because it reminds you of the good of the Lord. this is downloadable in play store if your using android phones for free, apple app store also have YouVersion Bible app but im not sure if it is free.

I hope this message helps you to find the right bible app and devotionals.
Happy reading and God bless!!

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Thank you @abiwaiting4you! :yellow_heart: