Bible Inspirational Quotes Images 05-04-2020

Hello, dear friends,
Today I saw this image and I loved it.

As it’s one of my favorites, it’s the definition of our religion, we walk by faith not by sight, it’s so powerful, we know the way even if we are not seeing it, because that’s how powerful is God and our faith in him. Lovely.
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@Luis_Ruiz very well said. Truly, very powerful message. Here’s another one.

Phil. 4:13 has always been my favorite verse in the Bible. I used to write it on the back of my notebook during reviews before I took the board exams, and I say it to myself frequently. It had always meant that I can achieve anything because of my faith. I still believe that all things are possible with God. No matter what the challenge is, if you take it from an attitude of faith and pray about it as you’re doing it, then you should have success.
This one from Philippians 4:13, means that no matter what circumstances we face, we can respond with the strength of Christ. This doesn’t just mean we can overcome adversity, it also means that we have peace in the midst of struggles and hope in the midst of despair, which can come from no other source but Jesus.


For me this is the very essence of our Christianity, worshiping a God we don’t see, talking to a God who doesn’t answer directly, and most importantly entrusting everything to a God whom we haven’t even met once physically. This is called faith, even Jesus said to Thomas in John 20:29 “blessed are those who believe without seeing me”. That is how much God values our faith, we can’t see Him but we know that He is there… He is everywhere.

When we take a plane ride we don’t see the pilot, what he looks like or what kind of a person is he. But we trust that he will take us to where we want to go and even trust him that he will keep us safe through out the flight. My point exactly, how much more to the Almighty Father the maker of heaven and earth, He is more than the pilot therefore our lives are more secure in His loving hands.

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it is not my favorite quote but i just find it good to share…one of our great purpose as brothers and sisters is to help one another…
i shared this quote because before i keep on failing as if i cant move on… but i really appreciate a friend of mine who boosted me to get up again… he make me realized that everyone fails at some point … he was there helping me with good advises until i have learned that mistakes and failure often carry important lesson and lead us to success… so lets do our purpose keep helping others.

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This is an amazing verse. I agree with @IamRichardJohn that this is the very essence of Christianity. God requires faith. That’s all, and we are grateful that that is all because that’s all we can really do. Have faith in Him. Trust Him. Take Him at His Word. We are saved by grace through faith. It is a gift of God. Not of works, lest we boast about how good we are.

Thanks for sharing this


I love this. It is like trusting the Lord God. Let Jesus take the wheel. It is like not depending on our simple senses, but rather on the Lord God.

Walking by faith in this life, means we are to rely completely on all that God has said in His Word. The life of faith filters our thoughts; actions; attitudes and words through the holy Scriptures, as we listen to the inner promptings of the Holy Spirit; follow His directions and trust in the Lord with all our heart. from What Does 2 Corinthians 5:7 Mean?

I love this verse! I always cling unto this whenever things go out of hand. Whether it is for work, school, or personal struggles I always think about this verse. It is a reminder that no matter how hard a challenge is, I can do it because the Lord God is with me.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

I have been putting this verse in my mind as I go on with my daily battles in life. The past few for me have been about taking risks in life, so as I do that, I want to take every step of this journey with the Lord God.