Bible publishers reporting jump in sales amid coronavirus fears

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Bible publishers reporting jump in sales amid coronavirus fears

Publishing companies that sell Bibles have reported an increase in purchases in recent weeks, likely connected to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Tyndale House Publishers, a Christian publisher based in Carol Stream, Illinois, saw a considerable increase in their Bible sales last month compared to March 2019.

This includes their Life Application Study Bible sales going up 44% and sales of the Immerse Bible going up 60%, according to Jim Jewell, an executive at Tyndale.

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Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka,
Here in my country, in Venezuela, being catholic predominantly like all the houses have a lot of Bibles, so this is probably not true here haha.
But, still it’s a thing to think about. We always run to talk, ask and even demand to God to help/save us in a time of need, we should always be talking and following God’s commandments as he’s always with us and for us.
This is also true with the people who declares themselves as atheist, they always end up being cynic, because they always end up praying to the Lord.
God is alway as there for us, and we should to for him.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero