Big Brother Shaves Head To Support 3-Yr-Old Sister Battling Cancer

When bad things happen, having a strong support system in place makes all the difference.

On top of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kristin and Dakota Bowden of Texas have been going through another struggle. Their worries began in early March when Lula Beth, their 3-year-old daughter, started experiencing extreme abdominal pain.

By March 23, they were desperate for answers. After yet another flu diagnosis, they headed to the emergency room for more extensive tests. The results were every parent’s worst nightmare: Lula Beth had a football-sized cancerous tumor that would require surgery to remove.

“I will forever remember that feeling,” her mom wrote later. “Confusion. Heartbreak. The heaviest sadness. Denial. Shock. Scared. Numb. Completely numb.”

When their family was warned about hair loss due to chemo, Kristin did her best to prepare her daughter for the inevitability. She explained that she might have to shave Lula Beth’s head, just like she does for her big brother’s buzzcut.

“To my surprise her reply was, ‘Let’s do it right now!'” Kristin said. “That’s my girl! 3 years old, not afraid of anything, and ready to tackle on any task and with such grace.”

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Such a very beautiful thing. So selfless and full of love. I really admire it when siblings show their love and affection for one another. I see so many family members fighting and arguing, seeing this and reading about it sure does warm my heart.

I can feel the pain of the parents for their 3 year old daughter…it is really heart breaking to see your child suffer from pain…as a parent, the pain is times three! I will be praying for you little girl, as well as to your parents that they may have more courage to be strong too…

The changes during chemotherapy affects us emotionally, physically and mentally. It lowers our self-esteem especially if we lose our hair because it is one the things that makes us feel beautiful and affirms our gender. Having a support system who would come a long way such as shaving their hair boosts our confidence and empowers us to overcome the struggles that goes with the disease. Praise God for the courage of his brother to sacrifice for her.

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