Book recommendation:The Cross of Christ: 40 Day Lenten Bible Study through the Gospel of John with illustrations

Christians often hear about God’s love for us, but have they truly felt and believed in His love?

Prior to Christ’s death on the cross, no one saw God’s love in its full measure. But God revealed His love to the whole world through the cross and resurrection.

This Lenten Bible Study provides an in-depth look into the transformative power of God’s love. Readers will examine the most central part in the whole arrangement of the Gospel of John from the Last Supper (John 13) to Christ’s crucifixion (John 19:30).

“The Cross of Christ” takes the reader on a day-by-day intimate journey with:

in depth meditation on the Gospel of John,

thought provoking original artworks from four artists,

follow-up reflection questions with quotes,

reflective prayers, and living bread to meditate throughout the day.

Ideal for the season of Lent, this 40-day study will lead you into deeper meditation of God’s love demonstrated on the Cross of Christ.

This book is perfect for church groups, bible study guides, or anyone who seeks to better understand the Gospel and enjoy a love fellowship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Does this have a soft copy or any of you guys have a copy of this book? I would really love to read this.

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
Nice! I love to read books and learn from new ones all the time, with the quarantine and all the free time we have right now… What better way than thinking and reminding of what the Lord had to live and suffer. It’s a nice way to reconnect with faith and to analyze and be with the Lord on heart and mind. I’m gonna try to see if I can buy it or find it online.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero