'Born Again by the Power of Jesus': Dozens of People Saved, Healed at Intersection Where Floyd Was Killed

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'Born Again by the Power of Jesus': Dozens of People Saved, Healed at Intersection Where Floyd Was Killed

The world has witnessed violent protests and peaceful demonstrations for nearly two weeks following the death of George Floyd.

But we’ve also seen testimonies of faith and love among Christian brothers and sisters, revealing that there is no racial division in Christ.

Now the streets of Minneapolis where Floyd was killed have become the site of an outpouring God’s love and salvation as hundreds of people have gathered to glorify God through worship, evangelism, and baptism.

Videos and photos of this move of God have been posted across social media. Joel Bomberger, a preacher with Circuit Riders, shared an image of a baptism that occurred on the street while bystanders cheered during the joyous occasion.

“A team of our Circuit Riders went to Minneapolis to hold open-air preaching of Jesus and healing calls at the intersection where George Floyd was killed,” Bomberger reports. “There are too many testimonies to recount!! They were able to preach to thousands and saw hundreds responding to the Gospel of Jesus!!”

He also reports, “Dozens and dozens of people healed, filled with hope, changed, and born again by the power of Jesus this weekend in Minneapolis!”

“Just got a text that a deaf ear was just opened by the power of Jesus! Praise God!” Bomberger says.

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
This is great! Even though I don’t like how so much people only remember God in the face of despair, it’s still nice to see. People need to wake up, and remember that love, ie God, is the only way to fight against the circle of hate that the devil has installed in society. Only trough him we will won this fight. Maybe that’s the way we should see the legacy of Floyd, not by destroying and hating each other more.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

This is amazing, we have to always keep God in mind. I have seen so many people forgetting about the Lord God whenever things do not go the way they want. I am happy when I saw this. It gives me hope for a better future.

Seeing this gives me an ambivalent feeling…It’s nice to see it, but its so ironic that people only remember God today because there are catastrophes happening…but who am I to judge those people…it’s not too late to be baptized anyway…may lots of people know our God more, than spread hatred…