Bride And Groom Singing Cover of Reckless Love Amazed All The Audience

Bride And Groom Singing Cover of Reckless Love Amazed All The Audience

Best wedding ever!!


Reckless Love for a wedding?

Doesn’t sound good to me. But then, I can’t see the video, nor can anyone else on this forum if you don’t use the hyperlink.

Hi, Sunami, I embed this video to this site. It should works, my phone is OK. What’s your problem? Could you explain with more details or upload a screenshot? Thanks

@Sunami_Carpenter Hi, Sunami, could you see the video on your phone? Can you play it?

If I use the hyperlink, there will be only one video link and you need to click that link then you will go to YouTube and watch the video.

But now I just embed the video here, and people can watch the video on the website directly.

Sure. I thought I had explained it. “My problem” is that your link does not work. If you don’t care that it doesn’t work, you can ignore my comment.

If you care that all who view your posts can see your links then use the following as illustrated in this screen shot for links.

Let me show you an example and explain.

This is the kind of link you were using:

And as you can see, the photo is there with a play button. However on laptops and computers, this does nothing. So all you need to do is ADD one more copy of the link using this site’s HYPERLINK button above: <— Clickable link

To answer you, no, I cannot just “watch the video” on my non-existent video phone. I do not have one. Everyone in the world does not use them, though I totally understand why you would think so. Most businesses (who ought to look into these things) even government programs seem to forget that:

  1. Not everyone has an online connection (as some people have barely enough to feed themselves)
  2. Not everyone uses or can use the same exact device you or I might be used to.

You can also do BOTH! That’s what I try to do, so no matter what device a person is using, they will have access to what I am trying to share with everyone here.

I hope this helps.