Bring hurts and pain into the light where God will heal your heart

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

Did someone hurt you, without cause?
Has it been years and your heart still stings when you think of what they did to you?
My dear friends, I know that feeling.
The most challenging hurt to heal is one that was never validated or resolved.
Jesus knew this would be a struggle for us.
Many times we will have to take the offense to Him again and again.
But He does not want us to feel badly when it is not instantaneously healed.
The deeper the wound, the longer it takes to heal.
The Lord knows the struggle is real.
I am honest when I tell God, “I am having a problem letting go of this. Help me to forgive.”
Some people will just try to bury the offense and forget it.
But God would rather have us reveal it to Him.
Do not let hurts and pain hide in the shadows. Bring them into the light where God will heal your heart.